Tips To Help You Find Your Lost Dog!

Be sure that your dog wears a flat buckle collar with your dog’s identification tags on it.

Have your dog micro chipped and periodically check to make sure that it is readable.

BEFORE your dog goes missing, gather up an article with his scent and store it in a zip lock bag.

If your does go missing, call all shelters and rescues. Bring them a photograph. Ask each shelter if they know of any other shelters in the area, there are many more than expected.

Go door to door to all your neighbors, with a photograph.

Make a lost pet sign out of fluorescent paper and is at least 12 x 16. Bigger and brighter is better. Print "Lost Dog" (or cat) in huge letters at the bottom. Print a"REWARD" in huge letters at the top, but do not specify an amount.

There are six major factors that influence the distances that lost dogs travel: Temperament, Circumstances, Weather, Terrain, Appearance, and Population Density.

Some dogs are trained to help you follow your lost pet. There are also people who are specially trained to give tremendous advice on what to do.

Repeat this steps frequently, most pets are found either at a neighbors, sometimes unknown to them, or at a shelter. Most do not go that far. Keep looking.

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