Will playing with tug toys with my dog make him aggressive?

No! This rumor has no bearing whatsoever. In fact the game of tug of war is a good game to play and builds a bond between the human and the dog. Remember, let the young dog win often, stop if his teeth touch you and stop before he gets bored.

I have heard that I should avoid making eye contact with my dog as this
could challenge him.

Eye contact is a very good thing to have with your dog. Start as a puppy and reward the eye contact. This does not, however mean staring at him. Good eye contact will help with more advanced training later. It is best to not stare at dogs that you do not know, or who seem timid, scared or aggressive.

Can I feed my dog human food?

This is a very controversial topic! I do. Our puppies are raised with raw ground beef, oatmeal, yogurt and cottage cheese in addition to a high quality food. We were taught this diet by Wynn Strickland who is well known for her beautiful and beautifully trained dogs.

I was told to hold my dog down on his side when he is bad, is this ok?

NO! This is known as the "alpha roll" and I do not condone its use. This should not be done on any dog at any age ever.

Do I need to eat first, go out the door first, etc, to let my dog know that I am the boss?

No. Again, many books and articles have been written with some very wrong information. If you have respect and are a leader, you will not need to resort to these transparent attempts at trying to be the boss.